What Does PermaHub Do Anyway?

We are a recruiting and talent agency.  We view recruiting as an information facilitator.  We gather information about people and companies.  In order to humanize this seemingly cold definition, we believe our uniqueness comes from the TYPE of information we gather to make connections.  We seek to discover values, purpose, passions, and skill set.  We bring to bare our core values into these interactions.  The result is a professional and caring experience borne out of genuine interest to make the world a better place.

We have two types of customers.  Job Seekers and Employers.  Our business activities are focused on building relationships with people, to help them find great places to work, and customers, to help them identify individuals that would make great teammates.   We provide value to each of our customers through our methodology.  The goal of our methodology is to match culture and skill set fit for seekers and employers.  

We offer tailored recruiting services for direct hire positions focused on Information Technology professionals.  

We have a deep expertise in recruiting high quality people with unique talents in the area's of Cloud Computing, Automation, Mobility, Enterprise Networking, Security, Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Storage, Unified Communications, Wireless,  Business Continuity, Solution Architects, Pre-Sales Engineers, Project Management, Delivery / Implementation Engineers, and Director level Engineering leaders and many more.  As such, we have a deep understanding of the VAR and Systems Integrator market.

Our purpose is to understand the unique culture and value systems of individuals and companies to make smart introductions.  Our business is to carefully listen, learn, and help nudge along introductions for opportunities that people did not know existed.