• Pursue Proactive and Transparent Communication 
    • Leave hidden agenda's and old school corporate politics in the past.
  • Be Humble and Open to New Idea's
    • Be curious to grow and learn from those different from you.
  • Seek To Create New Trust Relationships
    • Be tenacious about finding ways to connect with other's in a meaningful way.
  • Just Do The Right Thing
    • We never cut corner's ethically, no matter what the cost
  • Embrace Uniqueness 
    • Celebrate people's differences and unique strengths
  • Be Bold, Creative, and Take Risks
    • You have the freedom to let the inner entrepreneur flourish!
  • Inspire Others
    • Take ownership over making the world a more positive place
  • Be Accountable To Our Shared Values
    • Challenge yourself to deliver on our shared values consistently.  We use them as our compass and will make business decisions based on these values.

Core Values

What Are Core Values?

Defining Core Values can be challenging for individuals and companies alike.  We think of Core Values as the 5-12 things in life that are truly worth living for, and if violated, we feel compelled to do something about it.  We are each made up of roughly 50-100 different values.  One exercise you can do to discover your values is called Mountains and Valleys (proposed by the folks at CultureSync - check them out for other free tools:  http://www.culturesync.net/toolbox-old-2/) .   For more information, we highly recommend reading Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh and Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan, John King, and Halee Fischer-Wright.  Both books have heavily influenced PermaHub and would give you insights into our philosophies. 

"A Value is a Principle without which life wouldn't be worth living" - Dave Logan, Ph. D.