PermaHub Specializes in Sales And IT Direct Hire Staffing Focused On Serving VAR's

We believe that every person is endowed with unique talents and strengths and we are passionate about inspiring people to discover and build upon those talents. We integrate the concepts from the science of happiness into our work culture to create a positive experience for seekers and employers.     

Our name is derived from the 5 tenants of positive psychology:  Positive Emotion, Engagement / Flow, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment (PERMA). The PERMA model forces us to ask questions about ourselves that help us to discover IF we are focusing on the right activities to build a more fulfilling life.  At PermaHub, we leverage this model in all of our interactions with seekers and employers.  We started this business to make people's lives better.  This includes job seekers, employers, the customers of our employers, the community, or anyone who gets touched by the ripple affect of our interactions.

The purpose of our company is to help raise awareness around the benefits leading a more positive and optimistic life and making meaningful career connections.  

We believe that we can make the world a better place by humanizing the interactions around our career discussions.  We do this by taking a genuine and disciplined interest in learning about who people really are during our interview process and who our clients are as employers.

As a result, PermaHub is a recruiting and talent agency focused on partnering with people who have a passion for solving business problems using the right technology.  We have had success in partnering with companies on talent solutions who work with various technology manufacturers to develop and deploy solutions in the realms of Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Automation, Storage, Enterprise Networking, Wireless, Security, Unified Communications, and Mobility.

We take pride in helping seekers and clients to determine culture fit. We do this by connecting the shared values of seekers with potential employers.  We hope this effort will inspire both seekers and clients to examine their own core values and purpose in life.  As a result of this awareness, we aspire to make meaningful and lasting connections for seekers and employers

As human beings trying to discover more about our unique talents, values, and purpose we should expect more out of interactions that are centered around our careers. We hope to inspire your career and assist in finding a company that allows you to do what you do best everyday.    

We are a talent agency focused on Systems Integrators, VAR's, and MSP's. We understand the unique people challenges you face in delivering your services to your customers. We pride ourselves in our ability to advise in sourcing, attracting, and recruiting cultural and technical individuals to your organization.